Winter Box (limited edition)

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Whether it snows or rains outside, the WINTER box is ideal for creating the perfect cocooning mood. The lovingly blended aromatherapy oils will warm you from within while you snuggle under your fluffy blanket.

Oils: mandarin, peppermint, tea tree, patchouli
Mood: rejuvenating, uplifting
Scent: fruity, minty and earthy

Oils: orange, cardamom, clove, frankincense
Mood: calming, grounding
Scent: sweet, spicy, woody

Mylumi prides ourselves on using only the purest and undiluted essential oils so that you enjoy the lovely aromatherapy benefits with a non-obtrusive and natural fragrance. Discover all our blends here.

Perfect Starter Kit
Your aromatherapy candle box comes with everything you need to make two luxurious aromatherapy candles for around 80 hours of burn time. The WINTER box comes with two exclusive additional wax colours, dark red and black. Simply choose the colours of your candle jars and wax. One of the jars comes with a gift box.

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Note: Please read our safety information for burning candles. The use of essential oils during pregnancy should be done with great care and only after medical consultation with your doctor.