What's In My Candle Box?

candle box

Besides the jars and essential oils or natural fragrance oils you have chosen, your candle boxes come with everything else you need to make your own candles easily.

This is a pure vegan blend of coconut and rapeseed wax which is free of paraffin and synthetic additives. It has been specially blended for an even melt and the best scent throw.

We use only pure cotton wicks which are free from lead. They ensure an optimal distribution of heat for an even melting to diffuse the fragrance of the oils perfectly. We also include glue dots and wooden wick holders to ensure your wick is fixed and centered.

Making a harmoniously scented candle requires knowing the right temperature of your melted wax. The melting pitcher allows you to easily melt your candle wax without dirtying your pots. The temperature indicator lets you see how hot your wax is so you can master your candle making skills easily. You could also use it for foaming milk for that delicious creamy latte or even try your hand at latte art.

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