Our Story

A Fascination For Fragrances


Hi! I’m Yvonne, the founder of Mylumi. My love for fragrances has permeated my life for as long as I can remember, and I am fascinated by the ability of a familiar scent to transport me to another time and place with such vivid sensation.

Smells are so delightfully complex. I adore the layered character of finely aromatic artisan perfumes which unfold their various notes and unique personality over time.

My obsession with scent has me constantly searching out wonderful smelling shower gels and shampoos and has led me to enhance every room of my home with its own scented candle or diffuser. Thus, I am driven to share the excitement I feel when I discover yet another fragrance which is just PERFECT.

The Truth Stinks

When I began using scented candles to make my home work environment more inspiring, I noticed headaches after burning some candles and an overpowering fragrance from others.

As I dug deeper, I uncovered the culprit behind the headaches: the combination of petroleum-derived paraffin wax and artificial fragrance oils. I had invested more in expensive brands only to receive cheap and harmful products. I was shocked – but motivated to research an alternative and keep my love for fragrance alive.

Learn more about these cheap candle components here.

Birth of Mylumi


There began my journey to developing a creative experience that not only makes your home smell like a luxury spa but also makes you feel fantastic. I drew upon my experience in fragrances and gathered up new information about the benefits of aromatherapy to create wonderful blends of essential oils. I also found healthier alternatives to paraffin wax such as coconut and rapeseed and vowed to make aromatherapy candles that would make people feel great!

Then I thought, why stop there? It is incredibly easy to make proper aromatherapy candles with high-quality natural ingredients. Why not teach others how to make their own artisanal candles? And that’s how Mylumi was born.

Mylumi provides you with the materials and knowledge to create wonderful scented candles with pure and personalised ingredients for you and your fragrance-loving friends.

Embark on your candle making journey with Mylumi and feel and smell the difference!