Aromatherapy Refill Box

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We believe in reducing waste to play our part towards creating a more sustainable future. Wherever possible, we have chosen recycled or recyclable materials for our packaging.

Reuse your Mylumi candle jars with our refill box to make 2 new aromatherapy candles. Continue on your aromatherapy candle journey now.

Included in your refill candle box for around 2 x 40 hours of burn time (for 2 x 180ml containers):

  • 100% vegan candle wax to make 2 candles
  • 2 cotton wicks, wick stabilisers, stirrers & glue dots
  • 2 pure essential oil blends
  • Illustrated guide to make your candle

Mylumi prides ourselves on using only the purest and undiluted essential oils so that you enjoy the lovely aromatherapy benefits with a non-obtrusive and natural fragrance. Discover all our blends here.

Note: Please read our safety information for burning candles. The use of essential oils during pregnancy should be done with great care and only after medical consultation with your doctor.